Multiple women cleaning a home

6 Ways To Know If You Hired The Best Cleaning Agency

Thinking about hiring a professional cleaning agency but don’t know how to start looking? This guide helps you choose the best cleaning service provider in London!

Multiple women cleaning a home

With so many professional cleaning service providers in London, it can be difficult for customers to choose a housekeeping agency that is the right fit for them. This is especially true

Three hardworking people as professional cleaners & housekeepers

Will You Move Into a Co-Living Space To Avoid Housekeeping Costs?

Three hardworking people as professional cleaners & housekeepers

Do you love living in a hotel because of all the amenities that come with it — especially housekeeping services? Now you might be able to live in one full time.

With a housing crisis in London, many are turning to a novel living concept: the co-living space. Basically a student dorm for

Two children with paint covered hands - keep your home tidy

6 Ways to Keep Your Home Tidy (And Your Sanity Intact!)

Are you one of the many parents who struggle with cleaning duties? Check out these tips from a cleaning service agency to find out how you can keep your home tidy!

Two children with paint covered hands - keep your home tidy

People with children often have one single complaint from parenthood – they have too much cleaning to do around the house! We often come across entertaining memes on


Everybody knows the crucial importance of the color of the walls when it comes to decorate the house. The choice is fundamental, but in order to fully understand it, we need to start from the psychology of colors.

Each color has a conscious effect that relies on personal taste, and an unconscious effect, more psychological and different for each person.

We all know that colors affect mood and state of mind: the color spectrum is comparable to the emotion spectrum.


The heat increases the risk of dehydration. Our body needs more water and mineral salt.

Start your day by drinking two glasses of water and keep drinking at each meal, as well as before and after your workout. It is a good habit to bring a bottle of water always with you in case you need to walk long distances or if you need to take public transports.

Fruit also helps to reintegrate mineral salt. Have a light lunch, try