Relax After Work With Home Ironing Services in London

Ironing services in London make it super easy for you to kick back and relax after work by taking care of an often taxing chore

For many people, ironing can be added to the long list of chores which need to be done, but can feel like such a pain to do. Ironing services are available all over London to take this task off of your hands and allow you to have some ‘you’ time. Let’s see why investing in a cleaning agency in London can be the best decision you make this year.

Save Time in Your Valuable Day

The average person works 43.6 hours per week in the UK. This works out as over eight hours per weekday and doesn’t include commuting time, which so many Londoners have to factor into their everyday life. Couple this with research that the average mother spends four months of her life ironing and you wonder when people have time for recreational activities.

The work-life balance is something that many companies are encouraging for their employees and a task such as ironing takes away from having a relaxing time by yourself or with friends.

Coming home from a hard day at work should be rewarded with some relaxation and downtime. Professional housekeeping services can ease your pain and do some of those household chores for you.

Cleaning and Ironing Services are Thorough and Efficient

Knowing the best way to iron clothing can certainly make the task easier and often quicker. However, a professional ironing service will know all the tricks to get even the most awkward creases out and will put the necessary time and care into the job.

Any professional housekeeping service will have experienced staff and train them to develop their skills even more, ensuring that you get the best quality of work.

Home Ironing Service Prices Are Affordable

Home ironing service prices may not be as expensive as you initially thought. Affordable rates are just one of the things that customers of St Anne’s Housekeeping have to say about the professional housekeeping services:

“Great services provided. Affordable rates and friendly staff members!!”

How Do I Choose an Ironing Service in London?

Surely you’re now sold on the idea of bringing in an ironing service, right? The thought of putting your feet up and watching TV after work is appealing and you can forget all about those long Google searches for the best way to iron clothes. So you want to hire an ironing service, but where do you start?

Choice is a good thing, but it can often feel overwhelming. You want to hire a company who are trusted and reliable. After all, these people will be coming into your home, so you want to know they are a credible service.

While you might be aiming to keep costs low, look around at what you get for your money. Don’t be afraid to ask the following questions to each cleaning and ironing service:

  • How much do your services cost?
  • Is your ironing service per hour or per item?
  • Are you insured against any damages to my house and clothing?
  • Do you offer a seven-days-a-week service?
  • Are you fully licensed?
  • Do you provide the ironing equipment?

Once you find out all of this information you can decide which company is the best one to suit your needs. St Anne’s Housekeeping in London are professionally trained, insured against damages and will even give you a personal account manager as a point of contact for any questions you might have about the service.

It’s important to look at customer testimonials and talk to friends if they have experience with ironing services in London.

If you have a trial with the company and think they are a good fit for you, be sure to book them again. If you weren’t 100% happy with their service, talk to them about what you were expecting.

Now it’s time to put the kettle on and forget about all about that pile of ironing!

St Anne’s Housekeeping provides ironing services in London, as well as professional housekeeping services. With experienced and trained staff, St Anne’s offers competitive prices and outstanding service. Call 020 3397 7495 for a free quote about our cleaning and ironing services.