Stubborn Red Wine Staines

We’ve all been there – you’re enjoying a nice dinner and a few drinks with friends when your hand slides, the glass or bottle descents, and suddenly there’s a spreading crimson stain on your fresh white top. But, while red wine stains can look unpleasant, they don’t need to stay on your clothes for long – below are some ingenuous steps to help get rid of them. So, without further ado, here are a few tips on how to remove red wine stains from clothes, bedding, or fabric.

Key Steps:
1. Dab or blot the extra liquid.
2. Apply salt. This soaks up extra liquid and prevents it seeping further into the fabric.
3. Use white wine to help neutralise the stain.
4. Baking Soda as a paste can also help to eliminate the wine stain.
5. Wash as usual with Persil small & mighty

Red Wine

A Step-by-Step Guide to Red Wine Stain Removal


  1. Differing on how much wine you have dropped, gently dab or blot the extra liquid with a clean cloth or piece of kitchen paper. Do not rub the stain – you do not want to make it worse.
  2. SaltApply some salt on the stain while it is still slightly wet. Salt is a good to tackle red wine stains, as it soaks up the extra liquid and prevents it penetrating the fibres of your clothes. There may be times when this solution is not possible – taking off your stained top in the middle of a busy restaurant in order to put salt on it may raise more than a few eyebrows!
  3. You could also try applying white wine to the stain, which will help to neutralise it. Gently dab the stain to remove the extra liquid. Baking soda also can be a handy product for helping to remove red wine stains. Consider applying a baking soda paste to the affected area.
  4. After applying either the salt, baking soda, or white wine, you should see a difference. If it’s a bigger stain, or already partially dried in, then you can try soaking the garment in white wine or in Carbonated water.
  5. StainesIf the methods above aren’t accessible, or haven’t quite removed the wine stain completely, apply a stain removal product to the mark.
  6. After this action is complete, wash the fabric as normal on a cool wash with a washing machine cleaner like Persil small & mighty. Avoid a hot wash or tumble drying on high heat, as heat may set the stain.

Red wine stains do NOT have to be the end of the world. With these tips and tricks under your belt, the greatest thing you’ll have to worry about if you knock over a bottle of cabernet sauvignon will be momentary mortification, rather than how to get rid of the stain.

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