Spring Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

St Anne’s Housekeepers provides spring cleaning as well as deep cleaning of appliances and second fixings on a rota basis, all throughout London. To a schedule agreed by you, your first class housekeeper will provide the following rota cleaning services:

Thorough fridge cleaning
Emptying, taking out all fittings and washing, cleaning the inside, rebuilding and restocking

Serious oven cleaning
All trays, pans and grilles removed and cleaned, interior and exterior thoroughly cleaned, oven rebuilt and ready to cook

Detailed second fixings cleaning
Skirting boards, door frames, lampshades, fan blades

Deep cupboard cleaning
Thorough interior and exterior clean of all cupboards, including restocking

Slat by slat blind cleaning
If you have other fixtures, fittings or special items that require rota cleaning, just let your dedicated account manager know, and she will take care of everything.