Clever Tips to Create More Space in Your Bedroom

Do you struggle to get from one side of your room to the other? As good as living in London can be. We all know it means living in a small house, with a small bedroom. No one likes to feel small, but if it’s because you’re in a spacious bedroom, that’s got to be good, surely?

Here’s our guide:

Tip One: Install Some Ceiling Shelves

Throughout the whole time you’ve been a resident of your home, do you recall a time you’ve used the space just below the ceiling? It’s true, the 12 inches below a ceiling, is probably the most abandoned framework within any home or building. Also, if you’re feeling bad about that present you got given two years ago, which you’ve never had the chance to use. Place it on the shelves along with the rest of them, there’s no need for that kind of cluster!

Tip Two: Cord Binder Holder

It’s 2018, everyone has at least one form of technology or more. Even most children have their very own smartphone or tablet. As much as we all love technology, we all hate the endless wires! which somehow gets tangled up in knots, even it’s not been touched for months. Using this technique can reduce the clump of wires, making more room in the bedroom.

Tip Three: Tank Top Holders

Hanging all your tank tops onto one hanger with shower curtain rings, would be classed as an unconventional way of doing things, would you agree? However, could you imagine the amount of room you’d have in your chest of drawers without them?

Tip four: Shoe Peg Holders

Mostly everyone has experienced running late, and to top it off, you can’t find your shoes which are piled at the bottom of your wardrobe. Installing pegs at the back of your bedroom door puts your footwear in a neat order, making it easy to find your chosen shoes for the day (or night) and they’re out of the way. Don’t worry, save the clear out for next year!

Tip Five: Bedside Organisers

You’d be surprised to the extent of how handy bedside organisers are. These handy pockets are easily placed on your bed, tucked away in a suitable place for the next time you decide to solve a crossword puzzle sitting on your bed.

Tip Six: Hanging Bag Stand

We all know how difficult bags can be, right? They’re essential to have but very awkward to store! By hanging your bags on your wall, you’ll find that other storage space becomes available to you. So, get all the space you can get; remember, living in London equals to a small house with a small bedroom!

Tip Seven: Magnet Strip for Clips

Here’s another good idea for all of the ladies out there who enjoy a good pampering! For lots of women, being a female involves having the joy of owning lots of girly supplies. Taking care of yourself can be tricky sometimes, especially when all the tools are scattered in various places. Why not put them all in one place? Having your clips, nail clippers, tweezers-etc. on the wall can be classed as quite trendy, smart and efficient.

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