So, What Is the Right Way to Dispose of Leftover Paint?

New room, new you! We all like to change the personality of our rooms in our house every so often, but what’s the right way to dispose of leftover paint? Due to chemicals, leftover paint can be dangerous to the environment and toxic to humans and animals.

Here is our guide:

Dry it out, before you throw it out:

As painful as it may be, if you’re going to throw away your paint, you’ll need to dry it out! Yes, your paint isn’t gonna dry in minutes, however, you can help the process become faster by filling the paint can with scraps of paper. If you still have plenty of paint leftover and you’re struggling to find a new home for it, purchase a paint hardener. Pour a cup of the powder with every gallon of paint, which will harden your paint within a few hours.

What NOT to do when disposing of your leftover paint:

  • Pour paint in the drain
  • Pour paint on the ground
  • Put used paint into the bin whilst wet

Donate your paint:

No one likes to pay out for paint, do you agree? If you no longer have any use for your leftover paint, someone else might.

  • Friends/Family
  • Schools
  • Community Centres
  • Projects
  • Paint Recycling Programs

A good recommendation would be for schools, colleges and universities. Since their budget might not be the best, donating paint would really help to a lot of students. You never know, your kind donation could result in grade A’s all round!

Or save it for later?

Yes, paint cans are a pain to store; but imagine the nightmare trying to match the exact colour you have brushed on your walls after an unwanted stain appears? But what if you don’t need that colour again? You’d be surprised! It’s not only walls you can paint, it’s furniture too! Leftover paint is useful to use as a base paint or interior surfaces which are out of sight.  

How to store paint:

  • Tightly seal the used paint, storing the can upside down and in a cool, dry area
  • Keep out of reach from children and pets
  • Using a permanent marker, write down the paint formula on the paint can


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