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Tips to a cleaner house


How well do you clean your house?

Do you often find yourself frantically hoovering the floor before having guests? Do you let your plates pile up in the sink? Or maybe you change your sheets once a month. Many of us find cleaning a tedious job that we don’t have time for, but keeping your house clean prevents harmful germs and disease-causing bacteria. 

 Tips for you to incorporate into your life to make sure your house is clean and fresh.

  1. Always do your washing up after you’ve had your meal. If doing the washing up by hand is too much effort, why not get a dishwasher?
  2. Every week, wash or mop all hard floors. Vacuum carpets and floors. Thoroughly clean the bathroom from sink to the floor with disinfectant. Attend to the areas of the kitchen not covered by your daily cleaning routine (microwave, fridge, windows, disinfect the bin). Around 2,000 dust mites can live happily on one ounce of carpet dust, so it’s worth keeping those carpets clean!
  3. Nominating a day for laundry will prevent your dirty clothes from piling up. (Mondays for towels, Tuesdays for bed linen). Make sure you keep your washing machine clean by cleaning it with bleach. 97% of the UK population now own a washing machine, which led to the demise of the humble laundrette.
  4. Keep surfaces clear and free from clutter to make cleaning easier and to prevent dust from collecting. Be sure to use that disinfectant too. 
  5. Change your tea towels and dishcloths daily.
  6. Keep your kitchen sink and drainer clean and tidy. Water Org claim that it can cost the average customer as much as £66 to fix a blocked sink. Prevention is key, and is the best way save your hard-earned pennies literally going down the drain.
  7. Always check your fridge for expired food before going grocery shopping.
  8. Change your bed sheets every 2 weeks. This is even more important with the news that bed bug population tripled in the UK last year.
  9. Incorporate a daily cleaning routine to prevent dirt build up. Another study showed that a daily cleaning routine can in fact help burn calories on par with activities seen in the gym.

Hopefully, this short list will help you with getting your house a little bit cleaner.