How to Mop Your Kitchen Floor the Right Way

Don’t you just hate walking across your kitchen and feeling the sticky floor against your feet? It does get tiring after a while, knowing that you’ve just mopped your floor and yet finding yourself putting on your slippers when going into the kitchen, right? Mopping your floor may seem like a straightforward chore, however, there are some great tips and tricks on how to do the job more effectively!

Here’s our guide:

Clever Tips to Create More Space in Your Bedroom

Do you struggle to get from one side of your room to the other? As good as living in London can be. We all know it means living in a small house, with a small bedroom. No one likes to feel small, but if it’s because you’re in a spacious bedroom, that’s got to be good, surely?

Here’s our guide:

Tip One: Install Some Ceiling Shelves


So, What Is the Right Way to Dispose of Leftover Paint?

New room, new you! We all like to change the personality of our rooms in our house every so often, but what’s the right way to dispose of leftover paint? Due to chemicals, leftover paint can be dangerous to the environment and toxic to humans and animals.

Clean Shower, Clean You!

How can one be clean washing in a dirty shower? Does the water from your showerhead shoot out in all directions? Or are your showers not as comfortable as they used to be, due to an almost non-existent flow of water? You may smell and feel clean, but are

Don’t Be Controlled By the Mould

Don’t be controlled by the mould. We’ve all been a victim of mould, which is usually the result of condensation. Enough is enough! St Anne’s Housekeeping believes that everyone deserves to feel at home. Here are our top tips to help you.

Dry Your

Everyday Items Dirtier Than your Toilet Seat


Do you ever wonder how much germs are carried in your everyday items? There’s no nice way of putting this, it’s a lot. Your toilet seat has fewer germs than the items you would probably consider as clean.

Here are some items