Cleaning your garden furniture

With the nice hot weather we’ve been having and still to come you may want to get the best use out of your garden furniture. Here are some tips for cleaning your garden furniture.


Wooden garden furniture can be so elegant and fitting to its natural surroundings, but it does require upkeep and some tender loving care in the form of cleaning to keep it looking its best. Most furniture made of wood can be cleaned by using the

How to tackle your laundry

Do you find that your laundry is always pilling up? Here are some tips on how to tackle your laundry.

Buying more than one Laundry basket

Sometimes having more than one laundry basket in your home could help. Maybe having one for each colour could be too much, however, it could also help you e.g. 1 for ‘whites’; 1 for ‘dark’ and 1 for ‘coloured’. You may consider having a 4th basket or a hanging bag for clothes that need to be taken

How to remove school stains

Kids are always making a mess and have stains on their school uniform and clothing. Here are some top tips on how to remove school stains.


Fold some kitchen paper and place it under the stained area. Spray the back of the fabric with WD-40 to help transfer the colour. Turn the fabric over and rub a small amount of washing up liquid onto the crayon marks to loosen them even more. Wash in the hottest water possible (that the

Tips for a cleaner sink

A kitchen sink needs a regular deep clean for hygienic reasons as it get used every day. Here are some tips for a cleaner sink with eco-friendly cleaning tips, when cleaning your kitchen sink to make it limescale free and sparkle:

Tips for a cleaner sink

1) Lemon juice is a natural corrosive that can be used to remove limescale deposits from chrome kitchen and bathrooms taps. For best results rub half a lemon over the surface and leave for

Essential gardening tips

Essential Gardening Tips 

Now its the time of the year when activity and growth in the garden steps up a gear. Essential gardenting tips will come in handy. With the return of warmer, sunnier and longer days. However, on closer inspection, the to-do list can sometimes seem overwhelming. So here are some tips to make your garden looking fresher and better than ever.


To avoid weeds taking over your garden, prevent weed seedlings becoming established by watering the borders

Clean your bathroom

Bathrooms can require some extra attention from time to time to keep them looking orderly. After all, we desire our bathrooms to be a sanctuary of calm and tranquillity.

Tips on how to clean your bathroom:

  • If you have a dishwasher try to use this once a month to wash soap dishes, sponges and toothbrush. It’s amazing how quickly grime can build up in these hard to reach areas and it will help to remove limescale and give everything