How to Clean a Piano

When it comes to pianos, cleaning and polishing are two different actions. Polishing should be kept to a bare minimum. Dust is ideally removed by a feather duster, and dusting with a dry cloth should be avoided at all costs; a dry cloth will allow the dust to scratch the finish.

1. If dusting with a cloth, always use a soft fabric such as flannel or chamois. Never use rags or paper towels.

2. Cloths should be only slightly damp,


When the heat goes up our body requires more water and we don’t feel like eating.

We need to reintegrate the mineral salt lost by sweating and it is a good idea to follow a diet full of fruit and vegetables.

Homemade freezer pops are an easy and fun summer snack for kids and grownups that will help you reintegrate mineral salts. Fruit pops are a perfect snack whenever during the day. Follow this easy recipe and let us know

Make your terrace a vegetable garden

Do you think that your terrace is too small to be a vegetable garden? Think twice…with the right plants and some saving-space ideas you can.

Everybody dreams to have fresh hand-picked vegetable ready to eat every day on the table. Unfortunately, for the majority of us this is impossible, especially for who lives in big cities like London. I forced myself to be pleased with the tasteless fruits and vegetables I could find at the local supermarkets. I remember the


The summer is finally here, the sun starts shining and the days are getting longer and longer. It is time to start thinking about our wardrobe and how to organise it in order to get space for our summer clothes. It is not time yet to get rid of all our winter stuff so how to find the space for the nice flower dress you both last year and those cute sandals you cannot wait to wear?

First thing to

Fight the mites!

Dust mites are tiny “pests” that infest the pillows and the closets of our homes. Formidable enemies that may be fought by using natural remedies like lemon and salt against ants or basil against mosquitos.

But all this may be not enough. According to a study by a team of researchers, the cushions on which we rely can comfortably accommodate potentially harmful micro-organisms, such as staphylococcus, varicella, and even E. Coli, a pathogenic virus responsible for intestinal diseases.

This is


Health benefits of cherries

Arthritis: Drinking a glass of tart cherry juice mixed with water three times a day may ease the symptoms of arthritis as cherries have anti-inflammatory properties

Heart: A diet which includes eating lots of cherries lowers the overall risk factors of heart disease, body fat and cholesterol.

Antioxidants: Sweet cherries contain high levels of antioxidants called cyanidin, which mops up free radicals, and may also promote cellular differentiation, an important process in the body’s fight against