How to clean your kitchen in just 10 minutes or less!

Cleaning your kitchen can take a lot of your time away. But don’t worry because there are several cleaning tips and tricks out there that can help you to clean your kitchen in 10 minutes (or even less!). These tips and tricks won’t give you a deeply cleaned kitchen, but it’s an amazing daily exercise as it will ensure that your kitchen never gets unmanageable.



Step #1: Get all your products and cloths together

This is more important than you think it is: having all your cloths and products together will help you to clean everything a lot quicker. Make sure you’re having all the appropriate products to hand so that you don’t have to waste precious time sourcing the items you need to clean.





Step #2: Put rubbish straight away in the bin, don’t leave it in your kitchen

By checking the kitchen and throwing away rubbish, you will soon notice a remarkable difference in your kitchen. When you removed all the rubbish, you’re able to clean without any obstructions.





Step #3: Put everything away in the cupboards

In order to be able to clean your kitchen properly, you need to make sure that everything has been put away and is all tidied up. By putting away the things that are cluttering the surfaces this will immediately make the kitchen look tidier.





Step #4: Fill your washing up bowl with warm soapy water

Once everything on the surfaces has been removed, find all your dirty dishes in the kitchen (and elsewhere in the house) and put them in your washing bowl to soak.





Step #5: Wipe down surfaces

While your dishes are in your washing bowl to soak, use your time wisely and start wiping down all your surfaces. Use a disinfectant and most importantly a clean cloth and your surfaces will be sparkling in no time! If you have a few minutes to spare you could also clean your microwave and clean the hob.





Step #6: Wash up your dishes by hand or use the washing machine

Now you need to wash the dishes that have been soaking in the washing bowl. This can be done by hand or by simply loading them into the dishwasher. In the perfect situation, the dishwasher has already been emptied in the morning but if not, this can be done during step 4.





Step #7: Sweep or vacuum the floor

Depending on how dirty the kitchen floor is, now is the right time to give it a quick sweep, mop or vacuum. Make sure that if you mop the floor that you leave enough time for it to dry, as otherwise, it will become dirty again.





Step #8: Take the bins out

During step #2, you’ve filled your bin up with rubbish, so always remember to empty the bins and to replace the bin with a fresh liner. By doing this, you will ensure that your kitchen will not smell dirty.





Step #9: Replace your towels

Congrats! You’ve almost finished your high-speed kitchen cleaning process. Now the finishing touches are important. Make sure you replace your dirty towels with a clean one. It will definitely contribute to a fresher-feeling kitchen.